The Best Way to Motivate For Exercising

The Best Way to Motivate For Exercising

Positive thinking will motivate you to start an exercise programme, keep you on track and even work out more effectively. A positive mental attitude helps you to succeed because it does not allow thoughts of failure.

One to become more positive is to repeat statements (affirmations) keep you on track, such as ‘I am becoming fit and healthy’ or ‘Exercise is great and I can feel the benefits already.’ Repeat your personal mantras several times a day or write them down and stick them where you will see them – on a mirror or on the fridge door. Soon you will start to believe them.

Mind over matter

Visualization is a technique that uses the imagination to help you fulfill your potential. It is commonly used by athletes in preparation for competition. Motivation can be boosted by mentally rehearsing the sequence of events required for a successful performance. According to the theory, if visualization is repeated enough, expectations rise and you begin to act as if the image were a reality.

So you can use visualization to keep up with your exercise programme, envisaging your slim line, toned body, and also as a means of sticking to a sensible eating programme, envisaging the weight dropping off. Anyone can visualize, though it may take a little practice. Just find a quiet place, lie down or sit in a comfortable chair, and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and try to relax before focusing on your chosen mental image. Learning how to breathe correctly is essential for your well-being.

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