Eat and Exercise Your Way to Healthy Weight Loss

Eat and Exercise Your Way to Healthy Weight Loss


Healthy Eating

Correct diet and moderate exercise are the cornerstones of any healthy weight loss program. Any advertisement or person that tells you otherwise does not know the basics of the human metabolism. The human body is a fantastic machine that stores fat for a reason. To lose weight, it is extremely important for a person to analyze why he or she put on weight in the first place. Was it bad food choices, stress, lack of exercise, pregnancy or some other condition? The reason for weight gain also shows us the path to weight loss and fitness. Before embarking on a healthy weight loss program it is critical to identify what went wrong. Once we know what the reason or reasons could be, we can work on designing the best possible program for long term fitness and health. This article looks at some common reasons for weight gain and a healthy weight loss program to combat it.


Weight Gain Due To Pregnancy

It is important to realize that the human body changes somewhat after carrying and delivering a baby. It is perfectly normal for a new mother to carry a few excess pounds in the first year. Trying too hard to lose that may cause more stress to the nursing mother than anything else. It is important to start thinking in terms of overall fitness rather than some specific weight goal especially if it’s just a matter of a few pounds. Stay focused on eating healthy and moderate exercise and there is no reason why you won’t come back to your original weight in due course.


Weight Gain Due To Age


As we grow older, our metabolic rate drops making it easier for us to put on weight. We also lose a substantial amount of muscle mass and gain fat which again has a lower metabolic rate compared to lean muscle. Most importantly, our activity levels decline also bringing down with them our calorific expense. The only way to get over weight gain due to age related factors is to either cut back on eating or exercise for weight loss. One great way is strength training which helps build muscle which in turn leads to sustainable and healthy weight loss.


Weight Gain Due To Stress
This is perhaps one of the most common factors of weight gain. Almost all overeating can be traced back to some kind of stress or the other. Unless a person is too young or illiterate, they know the kind of food that is healthy for them. Binge eating on unhealthy food once in a while does not lead to substantial weight gain. It is only consistent abuse of the body and total disregard for food choices over a long period of time that makes a person obese. If you are unable to control what you put in your mouth, then you may have a deeper problem for which you need counseling or at least self introspection. Once the demons of the mind are laid to rest, it will be easier to follow a healthy weight loss program.

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